Sunday, April 8, 2018

Spring is passing quick.

 Doing failry decent in my efforts to quit drinking, but she is a fickle mistress. Just like me trying to stop buying sexy plastic, it's just not working out :) Infinite discs made some 3 color foil in a slightly redone version of my owl stamp and while they all did not come out perfect as far as the lines matching up in the 3 layers like they should have, they still turned out pretty sweet looking. I had to pick up a few :)
 Played a decent round today, not my best but had a blast on a super fun card with Toolen, Capt. Ron, our fearless leader Mike , and Scott L. 
 Digging the new Ridge Roller cart as well. 
 Heres a few pics of some of the MVP/Axiom/Streamline discs I got with my Owl stamp . First one is a Trace, it's got some sparkles :)  Second one is actually a Diamond Evolution Wizard. Rest are MVP/Axiom molds.

 Felt great playing today, just the back hurt a bit. Way out of practice, need to get to work. Claydog is coming up next weekend so hopefully I can play somewhere on Saturday and then volunteer at the event on Sunday, weather permitting.
 Good times!

 Fly far and true!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Just some sexy new plastic

 Not much going on. Off season and the cold sucks. Both my parents got sick and we ended up at the ER for a bit, upper respiratory infections/flu. I was amazed I did not get sick but then at the end I got a bit of a stomach flu or something that wasn't really that bad. My ears are still freaking out from last years ear infections though and I'm still having appetite problems so not eating well. Still working on quitting smoking and drinking as well so...bleh. Enough about me.,.heres some of the sexy plastic I got recently.