Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New addition to the course and VPO coming up

 A few weeks ago our current ADGA club president got some sponsorship money from Dynamic Discs ( He is sponsored by them so that helped ) to make an improvment to our course, Veterans park in Arlington,TX.
 Here is a few pictures of the work and the almost finished result.

 It's 60'ft across and we may still paint the concrete and try and find some blue or silver mulch. here I am  working hard.
 It feels good to be a part of the crew making our course improvements. more to come as well!

 The VPO is coming up as well. Am weekend is in a few days and Nov 1-2 is the pro weekend with some top names like McBeth already signed up. I'll be volunteering for the pro weekend for sure but still not sure if I'll have the $ to sign up for Am weekend or not. If not I'll probably be out volunteering a bit as well.

 Disc on people!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Guess I should update this thing eh?

 So I have been playing a lot more lately. I am on the ADGA board as marketing director. which is kinda funny, but I do take it somewhat seriously as I love our course at Veterans Park, since it is the course I started playing at around 1989, and want to see our club continue to grow and the course be maintained and be made as awesome as possible . Dynamic discs had it's big event at nearby Texas Stadium ( or whetever the hell they call it these days ) and I was only a little bummed I missed it till I got  to see all my disc golf buddies facebook picture posts about it for 5 days staright now. bleh.

 We have the Ticket hosting a charity event this weekend which our former club president wil be running, so that is kinda cool. They will be broadcasting live from the park.

 And then next weekend we have our annual Fahrenheit Fling tournament  which will be run primarily by Dynamic Discs for the first time this year.  Should be interesting to see the outcome of that.  

 Here is kinda what I came up with for a club "card" that we can hand out that will also have our mini times and days printed on the back and an incentive offer for newer players to come join the ADGA.

 I would also like for us to have a sign at the pad for 1 that says something like " This course mainatained by the Arlington Disc Golf Association". And I want to see if we can do something on one of the holes like a big "ADGA" carved into the grass.

 Anyway. I'll probably have to cool my jets a bit as it is just getting too hot for some of the big,wide open courses we have in Texas, or maybe I am just getting old or being a wuss, but when it is not fun because of the heat, well then it is not fun :(

 I probably won't get to play the Fling this year, but a local ace race should be coming up soon, and then we have the VPO coming up at the end of October.

 It will be here before you know it. Peace out and fly far and true!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Club Championships etc.

The ADGA had it's club championship weekend before last and had a pretty good turnout. It was a blast even though I didnt play too well. A bit rusty from not being able to play too much lately.
 Nolan Grider took home 1'st place .

 I was able to go play a solo round at Turner 2 days ago and it was kinda nice to have the park all to myself pretty much. I wish I could play more , especially since the weather is getting a bit cooler , but the job front is still bleak. Should be a fun weekend, but some rain so probably no disc golf for me this weekend.
Here is a bit of an old pic from a course just outside Taos,NM.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Gremlin juice and the Ace Race

 First off, if any of you Vape... go try some Gremlin Juice

 Rich has THE best customer service and the juice is amazing!!

 check it ,Yo!

OK. Played the Ace Race a few weeks ago at veterans in Arlington. it was sponsored by Will at NORML again this year, but might take place somewhere else next year.
 I had a blast again this year. good friends,good times.
 The Ace Race is not a typical tournament. well, not for me anyways. it is more of a fun event than an actual competition.
 This years discs from Discraft were drivers and IMO better than last years discs.

 Other than that I havent been playing much lately due to the Hot Texas heat and me being unemployed. At the very least it takes gas money to go play disc golf.
 But hopefully I'll get a job soon and with the weather starting to drop a few degrees I'll be back out playing more.

 The Fahrenheit Fling is coming up and then the VPO at Veterans as well.

Peace out and happy discing!

Friday, June 7, 2013


haha. So I started to get involved with another group of disc golfers through Meetup. So Far I went to 2 events. 1 at Veterans and 1 at Fritz.

 had a blast both times but I gotta say it's kinda amusing to me when these people are struggling with issues that other groups like Funkeytown and the ADGA have faced for many more years, but they don't seem to want to be a part of any of those groups.

 Which a part of me understands. They are newer players.

 I'll keep trying to go their events around the DFW area and I wish them well, but I'll probably put preference to the ADGA events.

 it's almost like they have a chip on their shoulders about better players. but whatever. there are some good people there and they are just trying to have fun and get more people involved with disc golf. So it is all good.

 Anyway. I had a blast playing last Wednesday nights mini with Felix and then hanging out afterwords with a few core players, which is something I don't do too often if at all.

 I wish I could have played dooubles today to support the Claydog Memorial coming up this Sunday, but I just don't have the $ for it, or to play in the tournament Sunday.
 But I will be joinging my good friend Scott at Cedar hill for a round and the weather should be good soo......

 disc on people!!

 oh.. and heres a goofy picture :)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

weird past 2 minis

The cards I was on the last 2 minis seemed to have more lost discs than the last year of playing. it was crazy.
 and then I was reminded of this product on the discgolfersr.us site.


Anyone try on of these?  my biggest concerns are the cost, since you have to set these up 72 hours in advance. You can't just be at the course and decide to slap one on a disc in a situation were you might lose a disc. So you would have to pick a disc or two or three  for different shots that you designate for these things.

 Another concern is the weight. adding 6 grams to some of my existing discs is a pretty big deal to me.

 I really wish someone would come out with a $5 GPS "sticker" that I could put on a disc at the course, during a round, not worry about it coming off, and be able to locate that disc using an app on my phone if lost.

 come on 'Murica!!  make this happen!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Night shift orc signed by Avery!


 and yes.. I will be throwing it. unless it disappoints and does not go in the bag .

 pretty good buy either way.

Should be able to play the Vet mini this Sunday, which should be nice weather and since I've been working so much, a needed break.

My new job at http://www.feedyourhead.biz/
 is going great.
 Originally hired with few store hours to just help them promote their disc golf selection.... it has turned into an almost full time job. Great place to work as well. It's nice to be working with actual real live intelligent , non-asshole, people for a change.

 Plus we sell disc golf discs & accessories!!  I love it! It's like almost the perfect job for me.

 If only I had more time to go out and throw :(  haha.

See you on the course!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Also, I would love to try one of the new Shark3 and Blizzard Vulcans

just sayin' :0

Putting contest and ring of fire this Saturday at the 420 celebration!

 Hi to the few of you that read this.
 It's been a weird past few months but things are looking good.

 I've been out playing the Sunday Mini at Veterans a bit more now that the weather is getting nice and I've been having a blast playing on different cards with my ADGA friends and getting to know some of the newer people.

 I frakin love disc golf!!

 I started a new job with a place called 'Feed Your Head' with is a hippy lifestyle accessories store ( or as some might say.. a pipe shop. But they started carrying discs and other disc golf stuff and needed someone to help promote it and that person is me!

 So we are having a big 420 celebration this Saturday with live bands and all sorts of stuff all day and I will be running a free putting contest from 1-6 pm with a ring of fire afterwards . Some decent prizes including a $50 gift certificate and I have fliers at our three closest courses so I'm hoping we get a good turnout of  actual disc golfers and not just people there for the celebration.

 And of course I will be at our Sunday Mini on Sunday :)

 Peace out and see you at the course!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ice bowl wrap up and memorial thoughts.

 Well, My doubles partner and I did OK in the Ice bowl. I say OK because we only finished 3'rd in our division, which was the first time I have not won $ or plastic during a doubles round.

 But that is OK. I had a blast meeting a bunch of disc golfers I did not know and it turned into a really fun day.
 The first round was a mix of worst shot and alternate and my partner was fairly new to disc golf so we had some trouble. I think he felt some pressure.
 So for the next round I got us quite a few beers and we talked a bit and it really helped us loosen up for the next round. we were joking around a lot and it just felt a lot better, and it showed in our shots.

 We came back to finish 3'rd, but only 4 strokes of the leaders so not too bad  for a doubles partner I had only played 1 round with before.
 We had a ton of fun and thats what it is all about in disc golf sometimes. Big ups to the Granbury disc golf peeps, y'all rock!

 On to the Memorial in Arizona.

 Fist off, big ups to the people at DGPtv. they have been doing a great job on the coverage of some major disc golf events for the last three years or so and it keeps getting better each year.

 I was able to watch on discgolfplanet.tv for most of the week but actually went out to play a round with an old friend for the final round on Saturday and it turns out I missed a heck of a crazy final.
McBeth shot a record 17 under par!!!  a really incredible round which will be remembered for a long time for the defending Memorial champ, although not quite enough to catch Will .

 Then after Will won, the news came in that he forgot to sign his scorecard and was assessed a 2 stroke penalty which put him in a tie with McBeth so they played a sudden death round which Will capped with an amazing birdie drive to win it again. what a crazy finish!

 I got to play 9 at Turner yesterday  and almost lost a disc to the creek, which is pretty nasty in some places.
 Glad I didn't lose it though, it was a 2011 VPO Valk. one of my favorite discs :)

 I hope to play some tomorrow with my friend Ross, not sure what course we are going to play if  we get a chance to play, but the weather is warming up quick here in Texas and I am ready to rock and roll!!

 here is my usual odd picture to leave you with. be well and fly far and true!