Monday, April 15, 2019

More stuff and things

 Still having health issues. I really should take the steps needed to get done what needs to get done, but meh.  Hoping I can at least get in a a few healthy days leading to Frisbetarian campout at the Jaranator in 2 weeks. Always a good time and I'm modding a bubble machine to make some funky bubbles for the bonfire.  At worst if I'm not feeling good I'll go out and try and have fun and just come home to sleep and go back out in the morning.
 Anyway, I'm fine with rain but why does it always SEEM like it gets on a weekly cycle this time of year where it gets nice and sunny during the week and then rain on Friday/Sat/Sun ?!?!
 Here are some disc pics. Need to sell a LOT more discs like NAU1!!!11!!

Skeet Scienski Art from the CDGC anniversary box set.

USDGC Collector Roc and a few Death by Disc swirly Buzzz's.

Saturday, March 2, 2019


It's almost kinda scary to realize we had just as  many morons with no critical thinking skills 50 years ago as we do today. We just didn't realize it since we did not have social media.
Graffiti sticker concept. I need to draw more. Bleh.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

 Havent posted anything in awhile. So here is a disc. I'm not doing well :(

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Spring is passing quick.

 Doing failry decent in my efforts to quit drinking, but she is a fickle mistress. Just like me trying to stop buying sexy plastic, it's just not working out :) Infinite discs made some 3 color foil in a slightly redone version of my owl stamp and while they all did not come out perfect as far as the lines matching up in the 3 layers like they should have, they still turned out pretty sweet looking. I had to pick up a few :)
 Played a decent round today, not my best but had a blast on a super fun card with Toolen, Capt. Ron, our fearless leader Mike , and Scott L. 
 Digging the new Ridge Roller cart as well. 
 Heres a few pics of some of the MVP/Axiom/Streamline discs I got with my Owl stamp . First one is a Trace, it's got some sparkles :)  Second one is actually a Diamond Evolution Wizard. Rest are MVP/Axiom molds.

 Felt great playing today, just the back hurt a bit. Way out of practice, need to get to work. Claydog is coming up next weekend so hopefully I can play somewhere on Saturday and then volunteer at the event on Sunday, weather permitting.
 Good times!

 Fly far and true!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Just some sexy new plastic

 Not much going on. Off season and the cold sucks. Both my parents got sick and we ended up at the ER for a bit, upper respiratory infections/flu. I was amazed I did not get sick but then at the end I got a bit of a stomach flu or something that wasn't really that bad. My ears are still freaking out from last years ear infections though and I'm still having appetite problems so not eating well. Still working on quitting smoking and drinking as well so...bleh. Enough about me.,.heres some of the sexy plastic I got recently.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Made it to round three! Go vote if you see this in the next few days .

 My owl design made it to the third round. if I get past this one I make the final 4 and get my art printed on some discs. How freakin' cool would that be?!?!  heckin' yeah!

 So go vote for the owl! :)  Thanks.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Some fresh plastic and more art stuff.

 I posted my regular mail call yesterday so might as well post it here for like 2 people to see :)

Mail call discs

 Also got my Owl disc golf art in the finals! Super psyched about that! Go vote for the Owl if you see this :)

Infinite discs 2017 stamp wars round 2

 Working on some other disc related stuff and have a few projects in the works I am pretty excited about. I still have a lot to learn on some new software but the tablet is amazing and I have some great support as well as helpful critiques. here are a few more including some works in progress.

 That's it for now. Merry Discmas everyone!!!

Friday, November 10, 2017

 Been awhile.  Quick post of some disc art I've been working on.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

 Been awhile again.

 Lot's going on since June. Played a lot of disc for awhile and bought a bunch of new plastic as well.

 I'm up to like 84 Destroyers now.  Jeesh!
 We had our club Championships at the beginning of October and Skip got Pepper to get us some trophies for the winners so that was pretty cool. My golf game has taken a turn since earlier this year though and I'm in a bit of a slump. Too much stress and drinking and smoking and not eating healthy can do that though.

 Dad had a nasty fall towards the end of October and we had to call 911 at 2 am. Nothing broken, but it became an infected wound and he was going through some hypertension as well. His dementia and memory issues are way worse now and he can't control his bowels. Finally got him home a few weeks ago and it is very frustrating and stressful.
 I feel like everyday is the same like that movie "Groundhog day".  But we are doing the best we can.

 Helped out with the VPO a bit and actually played in the Am weekend, which was some of the worst disc golf I have played in years.   My rating is going to plummet!  oh well.

 Here is some more new plastic of recent.

 Then I helped out with the VPO Pro weekend, always a lot of fun. Although we did get some rain on Sunday it was not too bad.

 Played a bit here and there with some of the other groups like Texas Chainwreck and had another Reddit meetup last Sunday. My game is just off, and probably will be till my stress level comes down and I start to take care of myself better. 

 Not sure if our club is having it's Christmas party again this year and since I am stuck at home taking care of dad during the day my only chances to get out and play are on the weekends. Hopefully weather won't be too bad for this years Hangover classic the day after New Years.

 See y'all on the course! Here is a few more pics for you.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Almost forgot about this site.

 Had a lot going on since my last post.  Still stuck at home during the week taking care of dad, and he seems to be getting worse again. But.. a lot going on in the disc golf world!

 A few of my babies :)
Since my last post I signed up for the Am champs in Cedar Hill and the Nick Hyde memorial in Rockwall. My first actual tournaments in quite a few years so I was pretty psyched.

 Started off good at Cedar Hill. Good group and I was throwing OK and hitting some long putts. But from the first throw there was a nagging slight pain on the right side of my chest. After about 9 holes it was really starting to hurt on my throws though. A few throws after that REALLY hurt and then on a nice 25 ft putt I made it hurt so bad I yelled. I tried one more drive after that and it hurt so much I decided to call it quits before I seriously injured myself. 

 As some of you may know, taking yourself out of a tournament because of an injury really sucks. Not only are you in pain and worried about the injury but your ego is hurt as well.

 So DNF  and also had to back out of the Nick Hyde which was the next week. Good news is after 2 weeks of icing it and stretching it healed enough to throw again. It has kinda felt a little weird a few times since then, but only after playing 3 rounds in 2 days. So I'll be careful to make sure I stretch good before I play.
 a few more recent beauties :)

 So yeah.. been collecting more discs. I've been loving the Ridge Roller Cart also. Only a few courses around here are not very "cart friendly" so hopefully my Gorilla Boy Simian bag will be here by the end of June.

 Had a Blast playing the Vibram Birdie bash in Kennedale with my friend Felix and other friends. Also had fun last weekend at the Trilogy Challenge in Cedar Hill. Played a few good  doubles rounds with some great people  2 weeks ago as well. Here are a few pics.
That was the first doubles group I played with,  Super awesome people I have played with many times. Stuck around for another doubles round with this motley crew :)

 Had a fun tag round with the Frisbetarian group last Sunday and went from the #12 tag to #8 so pretty happy about that. We kinda had a clash with my home club though, but within the next few days everyone kinda made up and it turned out to be an awesome thing because everyone  from 4 different clubs is now going to play our Sunday mini  and become members of the ADGA as well as attend our mid-year party after the round with prizes and Ace in the Oaks and food and 2 kegs. it is gonna be EPIC fun!  I can't wait.

 Now if this rain would just stop!