Wednesday, June 17, 2015

More good times.

 So I got involved with some Reddit people and decided to start  the /r/DFWdiscgolf group on Reddit. In just 2 months we have almost 150 people and have had a a ton of meetups! So that has been a success. Good people. Also got somewhat organized with a few Reddit bagtag people and also had some fun with some Frisbetarians from a the Facebook group of the same name. More good people.

 Finally got around to doing the redirect of the ADGA page to our new site, so that is pretty cool as well :   which also redirects from our old site... but this should save the club a few hundred bucks a year if all goes well, and hopefully I can nab another domain for cheap and redirect it to our site as well :)

 So good things happening I guess. Still looking for a job and ended up selling my Lat64 E2 bag, but I was not thrilled with it anyway.

 I've played  a bit and had a few ups and downs, my shoulder got worse, and now seems to be getting better finally. I'll keep playing disc golf if you will :)   here is our latest ADGA group photo.