Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ice bowl wrap up and memorial thoughts.

 Well, My doubles partner and I did OK in the Ice bowl. I say OK because we only finished 3'rd in our division, which was the first time I have not won $ or plastic during a doubles round.

 But that is OK. I had a blast meeting a bunch of disc golfers I did not know and it turned into a really fun day.
 The first round was a mix of worst shot and alternate and my partner was fairly new to disc golf so we had some trouble. I think he felt some pressure.
 So for the next round I got us quite a few beers and we talked a bit and it really helped us loosen up for the next round. we were joking around a lot and it just felt a lot better, and it showed in our shots.

 We came back to finish 3'rd, but only 4 strokes of the leaders so not too bad  for a doubles partner I had only played 1 round with before.
 We had a ton of fun and thats what it is all about in disc golf sometimes. Big ups to the Granbury disc golf peeps, y'all rock!

 On to the Memorial in Arizona.

 Fist off, big ups to the people at DGPtv. they have been doing a great job on the coverage of some major disc golf events for the last three years or so and it keeps getting better each year.

 I was able to watch on discgolfplanet.tv for most of the week but actually went out to play a round with an old friend for the final round on Saturday and it turns out I missed a heck of a crazy final.
McBeth shot a record 17 under par!!!  a really incredible round which will be remembered for a long time for the defending Memorial champ, although not quite enough to catch Will .

 Then after Will won, the news came in that he forgot to sign his scorecard and was assessed a 2 stroke penalty which put him in a tie with McBeth so they played a sudden death round which Will capped with an amazing birdie drive to win it again. what a crazy finish!

 I got to play 9 at Turner yesterday  and almost lost a disc to the creek, which is pretty nasty in some places.
 Glad I didn't lose it though, it was a 2011 VPO Valk. one of my favorite discs :)

 I hope to play some tomorrow with my friend Ross, not sure what course we are going to play if  we get a chance to play, but the weather is warming up quick here in Texas and I am ready to rock and roll!!

 here is my usual odd picture to leave you with. be well and fly far and true!