Thursday, January 24, 2013

Is it summer already/yet?!

Jeesh! January 24'th in Texas and it is already a beautiful day outside!

 I started a new job today that involves me working from home which is perfect since it should leave plenty of time for disc golf and computer games, hehe.

 If the money is good enough, which it has the potential to be, I may be purchasing some new discs soon. Yay new plastic!

 I did recieve some discs for Christmas, which was my best gift,hehe. I gave one of my relatives that plays one of my collectable discs but I'm not sure he knew it was more of a collector and not to be thrown , oh well.

 I finally got out and threw a bit last week . Man.. I am out of shape!
 I can't wait to renew my PDGA membership and start playing more if the weather is going to be this nice this early in the season. Hopefully I'll play in more tournaments than last year and place better as well :)

For all of my followers on this blog ( I think there are 5 of you,haha) sorry I haven't posted as much lately. More to follow.
 Peace and fly far and true!

Here is a picture of a dog for you as well :)