Sunday, April 8, 2018

Spring is passing quick.

 Doing failry decent in my efforts to quit drinking, but she is a fickle mistress. Just like me trying to stop buying sexy plastic, it's just not working out :) Infinite discs made some 3 color foil in a slightly redone version of my owl stamp and while they all did not come out perfect as far as the lines matching up in the 3 layers like they should have, they still turned out pretty sweet looking. I had to pick up a few :)
 Played a decent round today, not my best but had a blast on a super fun card with Toolen, Capt. Ron, our fearless leader Mike , and Scott L. 
 Digging the new Ridge Roller cart as well. 
 Heres a few pics of some of the MVP/Axiom/Streamline discs I got with my Owl stamp . First one is a Trace, it's got some sparkles :)  Second one is actually a Diamond Evolution Wizard. Rest are MVP/Axiom molds.

 Felt great playing today, just the back hurt a bit. Way out of practice, need to get to work. Claydog is coming up next weekend so hopefully I can play somewhere on Saturday and then volunteer at the event on Sunday, weather permitting.
 Good times!

 Fly far and true!

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  1. Hey man I love that Always Watching stamp but I just found out about it and nobody seems to have it. You know where I could get an MVP control driver or mid with that stamp?