Tuesday, November 22, 2016

 Been awhile again.

 Lot's going on since June. Played a lot of disc for awhile and bought a bunch of new plastic as well.

 I'm up to like 84 Destroyers now.  Jeesh!
 We had our club Championships at the beginning of October and Skip got Pepper to get us some trophies for the winners so that was pretty cool. My golf game has taken a turn since earlier this year though and I'm in a bit of a slump. Too much stress and drinking and smoking and not eating healthy can do that though.

 Dad had a nasty fall towards the end of October and we had to call 911 at 2 am. Nothing broken, but it became an infected wound and he was going through some hypertension as well. His dementia and memory issues are way worse now and he can't control his bowels. Finally got him home a few weeks ago and it is very frustrating and stressful.
 I feel like everyday is the same like that movie "Groundhog day".  But we are doing the best we can.

 Helped out with the VPO a bit and actually played in the Am weekend, which was some of the worst disc golf I have played in years.   My rating is going to plummet!  oh well.

 Here is some more new plastic of recent.

 Then I helped out with the VPO Pro weekend, always a lot of fun. Although we did get some rain on Sunday it was not too bad.

 Played a bit here and there with some of the other groups like Texas Chainwreck and had another Reddit meetup last Sunday. My game is just off, and probably will be till my stress level comes down and I start to take care of myself better. 

 Not sure if our club is having it's Christmas party again this year and since I am stuck at home taking care of dad during the day my only chances to get out and play are on the weekends. Hopefully weather won't be too bad for this years Hangover classic the day after New Years.

 See y'all on the course! Here is a few more pics for you.

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