Friday, June 3, 2016

Almost forgot about this site.

 Had a lot going on since my last post.  Still stuck at home during the week taking care of dad, and he seems to be getting worse again. But.. a lot going on in the disc golf world!

 A few of my babies :)
Since my last post I signed up for the Am champs in Cedar Hill and the Nick Hyde memorial in Rockwall. My first actual tournaments in quite a few years so I was pretty psyched.

 Started off good at Cedar Hill. Good group and I was throwing OK and hitting some long putts. But from the first throw there was a nagging slight pain on the right side of my chest. After about 9 holes it was really starting to hurt on my throws though. A few throws after that REALLY hurt and then on a nice 25 ft putt I made it hurt so bad I yelled. I tried one more drive after that and it hurt so much I decided to call it quits before I seriously injured myself. 

 As some of you may know, taking yourself out of a tournament because of an injury really sucks. Not only are you in pain and worried about the injury but your ego is hurt as well.

 So DNF  and also had to back out of the Nick Hyde which was the next week. Good news is after 2 weeks of icing it and stretching it healed enough to throw again. It has kinda felt a little weird a few times since then, but only after playing 3 rounds in 2 days. So I'll be careful to make sure I stretch good before I play.
 a few more recent beauties :)

 So yeah.. been collecting more discs. I've been loving the Ridge Roller Cart also. Only a few courses around here are not very "cart friendly" so hopefully my Gorilla Boy Simian bag will be here by the end of June.

 Had a Blast playing the Vibram Birdie bash in Kennedale with my friend Felix and other friends. Also had fun last weekend at the Trilogy Challenge in Cedar Hill. Played a few good  doubles rounds with some great people  2 weeks ago as well. Here are a few pics.
That was the first doubles group I played with,  Super awesome people I have played with many times. Stuck around for another doubles round with this motley crew :)

 Had a fun tag round with the Frisbetarian group last Sunday and went from the #12 tag to #8 so pretty happy about that. We kinda had a clash with my home club though, but within the next few days everyone kinda made up and it turned out to be an awesome thing because everyone  from 4 different clubs is now going to play our Sunday mini  and become members of the ADGA as well as attend our mid-year party after the round with prizes and Ace in the Oaks and food and 2 kegs. it is gonna be EPIC fun!  I can't wait.

 Now if this rain would just stop! 

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