Wednesday, February 10, 2016

More Stuff...

Ok, gotta start with giving this site a shout out. 

 It's a pretty cool site to list all your plastic and keep track of it with notes,tagging,specifics and pictures.  A bit of work if you have a lot of discs ( I am currently around 200 )  but once everything is in there it is pretty cool. They are about to come out with a mobile app and it's 100% free currently.  Here is a link to one of my discs and you can actually see all of my discs from clicking on " view all" in the bottom right. Pretty cool.

link to a disc

So check it out! 

 Anyway. So after someone totaled my Saturn in a hit and run while it was parked out front overnight ( ugh!)  and Allstate said it was a total loss and just paid me the blue book value , we decided  Karen would just get a new car and I would get her 2002 Tacoma. I was initially against it as my Saturn was a 2005, but it will work. getting some work done on it and then my stereo stuff installed and I am sure I'll eventually get used to it and be happy.

 I've been playing more with the Frisbetarian group lately and having fun. great group of people and I always have a blast and laugh a lot playing with them. 

 My club, the ADGA, is voting on a new club president as well. Tony did a great job and I am sure Mickey, who ran the club in the past, will do a great job as well. We have a lot of people involved so it is a team effort.

 Skip is running a 'Blue Power' event on Feb. 20'th and I'm sure we'll have a decent turn out and it is for a good cause. I'll be there.

 Also just signed up for the Nick Hyde Memorial this year. My first A tier and first PDGA tournament since 2012 I think. Should be fun.  I am loving the Ridge Roller and can't wait to get my Gorilla Boy Simian in a few months. 

 Dad is not doing too good so I am stuck at home taking care of him most of the week, but at least I can get out and play disc golf on the weekends, and I am glad he is still with us and it could be worse.

 Off to go play a mini at Northpark so....

 Fly far and true the few of you that will see this :)