Sunday, October 18, 2015

Ridge Roller and Mind Body Disc golf Blog

 So I got a new toy last week and finally got to go play a few rounds with it yesterday at a Throw Pink tournament yesterday at Z-Boaz in Fort Worth. I did great the first round and was leading the field, but our group in the second round just could not get it together and my play was dismal. But.. I still had fun and I can say that not having to carry a bag and stool arouond for 36 holes was so much better on my back and I just did not feel as tired over all. So here are a few Pictures of my new Ridge Roller :)

Those are pretty much straight out of the box pictures. here are a few after I added some modifications and paint :)

Plenty of storage and so nice on my back :) Joe does a great job with these and his web site is ridge roller and his Facebook page is disc golf cart"ridge roller" . Check 'em out!

 Also gotta give a shout out to mind body discs .  His blog is obviously much more active than mine and you can subscribe to an email for updates as well. he does reviews and all sorts of other cool stuff so check it out!

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