Thursday, January 8, 2015

off-season stuff

 So I have not been to a doctor yet, but my best guess due to where the pain is and some internet help, is something with my rotator cuff.  So I havent played in over a month except for an ADGA christmas party where I got a little too drunk and threw the ace in the oaks event. it wasnt distance drives so I hoped it didnt hurt much and it feels like it didnt.

 But this is taking forever to heal. I still feel it everyday and am afraid I am going to want to play as soon as a nice day comes around and either injure it further or just keep it from healing.

 Anyway, whatever is going to happen is going to happen. I was briefly employed so picked up a few new discs as well as receiving a few for Christmas. Kinda sucks that I can't throw them right now.

 Oh well, Texas weather so you never know when it will go from being 35 degrees outside to sunny and 60 the next day.

 I hope all of you had a Great Holiday and are looking forward to the New Year. and also.. Go Cowboys :)