Sunday, October 18, 2015

Ridge Roller and Mind Body Disc golf Blog

 So I got a new toy last week and finally got to go play a few rounds with it yesterday at a Throw Pink tournament yesterday at Z-Boaz in Fort Worth. I did great the first round and was leading the field, but our group in the second round just could not get it together and my play was dismal. But.. I still had fun and I can say that not having to carry a bag and stool arouond for 36 holes was so much better on my back and I just did not feel as tired over all. So here are a few Pictures of my new Ridge Roller :)

Those are pretty much straight out of the box pictures. here are a few after I added some modifications and paint :)

Plenty of storage and so nice on my back :) Joe does a great job with these and his web site is ridge roller and his Facebook page is disc golf cart"ridge roller" . Check 'em out!

 Also gotta give a shout out to mind body discs .  His blog is obviously much more active than mine and you can subscribe to an email for updates as well. he does reviews and all sorts of other cool stuff so check it out!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

More stuff and things.

 I keep forgetting about this blog, but I think that is OK because hardly anyone ever see's it :)

 I went to a local Ace race since my last post and did well enough to get a disc for most metal hit, but no aces :( 

 I have been to quite a few more DFW area meetups with my Reddit peeps and those are always fun.

 Our club championships where last weekend and I had fun there as well.

 Got a few discs custom dyed by Triple7 customs who has a Facebook page and sells on ebay as well. His work is awesome! he dyed 4 Destroyers and 2 Wraiths for me and I happened to be bidding on another disc that I lost so He did a Roc3 dye for me for a great price as well .

There is also a Custom dyed Valk in there as well.

 I also recently got a bunch of factory seconds from the Innova store and so far my favorite has to be a 158g Echo * Tern. That thing just sits up straight for me and glides for days. I'm loving it.

 My shoulder has been holding up OK so far as well. It's still not 100% but I think I have been resting it enough and not playing so much that I have reinjured it or caused the healing process to slow too much. I'm hopefull that by early next year it will be 100% back.

Looking forward to the VPO again this year. I'll be volunteering again, but had to hand over the keys to all the baskets at vets to another ADGA member as I am stuck at home during the week to take care of my dad , who had a massive stroke a few months back. That is another story though.

 Throw far and true and enjoy life people :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

More good times.

 So I got involved with some Reddit people and decided to start  the /r/DFWdiscgolf group on Reddit. In just 2 months we have almost 150 people and have had a a ton of meetups! So that has been a success. Good people. Also got somewhat organized with a few Reddit bagtag people and also had some fun with some Frisbetarians from a the Facebook group of the same name. More good people.

 Finally got around to doing the redirect of the ADGA page to our new site, so that is pretty cool as well :   which also redirects from our old site... but this should save the club a few hundred bucks a year if all goes well, and hopefully I can nab another domain for cheap and redirect it to our site as well :)

 So good things happening I guess. Still looking for a job and ended up selling my Lat64 E2 bag, but I was not thrilled with it anyway.

 I've played  a bit and had a few ups and downs, my shoulder got worse, and now seems to be getting better finally. I'll keep playing disc golf if you will :)   here is our latest ADGA group photo.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Tis the season...

 The weather is getting better and time to get out on the course!  my shoulder is still in pain and causing some issues, but damn the torpedoes!!  I've been out practicing and doing some field work lately and also started a subreddit for DFW disc golfers on Reddit and have received a pretty good response so far.  There are so many disc golfers in the DFW area.

 I was able to meet a few of them so far and we have more meetups scheduled.

 I did lose my favorite disc the other day though :(  it was a star destroyer about 5 years old. 168g and perfectly beat in for me. it was my baby and "go to" distance driver in most cases. At least I have a few backups, but none are quite like that one. so sad ,haha.

 I get to caddy tomorrow for an all womans event at veterans so that should be pretty cool. And I got a great discount on a new Latitude 64 Luxury bag E2 in black a few weeks ago. Kinda weird adjusting to a backpack style bag after carrying my Innova DISCarrier with Quad shocks for so long. To be honest I am still not 100% sold on the Lat64 bag yet, but I have only played a few rounds with it so far. Hopefully it will  " break-in" a bit and I'll get used to it. Not selling my old bag yet though :)

 So far, aside from the shoulder pain , my game seems to be on point this year. In the few rounds I have played after taking a few months off for my shoulder to heal it seems like my putting inside the circle has improved tremendously from last year and my upshots are more on point as well. Now I just need to get a part time job so I can get some $ to play more mini's and tournaments this year .

 That's all for now. Fly far and true :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Getting close...

 Just when the weather was getting nice enough to out and play a few rounds we get snow and ice here in Texas. ggrrr...  . My shoulder is still sore but has felt healed enough to go out and play a bit. I had a chance to meetup with some other disc golfers from Reddit but only one dude showed up. I met Greg before at a bit more successful meetup with the now defunct DFW meetup group and he's a pretty cool guy and gave me a run for my money at Fritz park in Irving. I was able to crush a nice 35 foot putt on the last hole to win by 1 stroke. Received my Reddit bag tag ( #359) so I'm hoping for more local involvement from the active Redditors out there soon.

 Then got a call Saturday night to come help spot at veterans on Sunday and even though the weather was turning fugly we indeed had several people volunteer and show up.  Even with my winter jacket and a cheap umbrella it rained most of the time and was pretty damn cold. I kinda had fun but was soaked, along with everyone else by the time the day was over. It was also worth it because I have a hook up with someone who is going to help me get my new bag quite a bit cheaper than retail. Now I just need the freezing weather to stop!
                                        That was before it started raining..we were smiling,hehe.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

off-season stuff

 So I have not been to a doctor yet, but my best guess due to where the pain is and some internet help, is something with my rotator cuff.  So I havent played in over a month except for an ADGA christmas party where I got a little too drunk and threw the ace in the oaks event. it wasnt distance drives so I hoped it didnt hurt much and it feels like it didnt.

 But this is taking forever to heal. I still feel it everyday and am afraid I am going to want to play as soon as a nice day comes around and either injure it further or just keep it from healing.

 Anyway, whatever is going to happen is going to happen. I was briefly employed so picked up a few new discs as well as receiving a few for Christmas. Kinda sucks that I can't throw them right now.

 Oh well, Texas weather so you never know when it will go from being 35 degrees outside to sunny and 60 the next day.

 I hope all of you had a Great Holiday and are looking forward to the New Year. and also.. Go Cowboys :)