Tuesday, November 11, 2014


 I know it was a few weeks ago, but I felt the need to comment on the disc selection.


  A new Distance record for a PDGA approved disc as well as an amazing throw with a mini!

 Congrats to Simon! But the article and videos I have seen got me thinking. How many of you knew that the record stood with a DX plastic disc for almost 10 years?  How many of you throw DX plastic?

 I noticed several time this last year or two that when I grab a DX or even Pro version of my beloved star plastic in a driver that the DX/Pro goes farther.

 I was talking to some fellow disc golfers about this and they agreed, but they did not like how the plastic tends to get beat in super quick when it hits a tree. I thought " well what the heck are you doing throwing DX or Pro plastic in a tree-rich environment?  throw it on the open fairway for more distance!"  but they had already given up and I rarely see DX/Pro plastic in anyone's bag these days.

 maybe it's just me, but why would you not have a nice new DX/Pro version of your favorite Innova disc in your bag if you knew it would fly farther than any other plastic but might get beat in a little quicker if you hit tree's anyway?  I can see someone like myself being unemployed and not a disc-hound and being able to replace a few discs every few weeks or month or at a super tight course with very few open fairways.. but still....

 I have also noticed a trend for people to want the "latest/greatest" new disc being released when they have not even mastered all the discs they currently have. hmmm.... Comon now. Innova and Discraft have been putting out a TON of molds for too many years now for you not to have found something that works for you by now. Granted I see the allure. " Joe blow uses X-brand so I must use X-brand! "
 ( yeas.. I am an Innova fanboi)

  I also thought about how many people have been to these distance competitions the last few years? I know Wiggins has been, but it looks like a handful of people are there?  why not make it a huge event across the country to give more people a chance?  I know a ton of local players who can bomb and there are many more around the country.

 Not to take anything away from Simon's achievement, but I wonder how many more records would be broken and how much closer it would be if we had similar competitions throughout the year at some of the major hotspots for disc golf across the country? 

  And yes, I know the factors involved.  But how hard would it be to find a flat spot with 1000 ft to throw near you? How hard would it be to wait for a day with at least a 15mph tail wind?

 oh well, FSM knows I could never even throw a mini more than 200 feet. hmm.. when is the last time I tried though? When is the last time you went out to a 1000ft field and tried throwing blizzard plastic.

 or better yet..... a DX Valkyrie :)

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