Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New addition to the course and VPO coming up

 A few weeks ago our current ADGA club president got some sponsorship money from Dynamic Discs ( He is sponsored by them so that helped ) to make an improvement to our course, Veterans park in Arlington,TX.
 Here is a few pictures of the work and the almost finished result.

 It's 60'ft across and we may still paint the concrete and try and find some blue or silver mulch. here I am  working hard.
 It feels good to be a part of the crew making our course improvements. more to come as well!

 The VPO is coming up as well. Am weekend is in a few days and Nov 1-2 is the pro weekend with some top names like McBeth already signed up. I'll be volunteering for the pro weekend for sure but still not sure if I'll have the $ to sign up for Am weekend or not. If not I'll probably be out volunteering a bit as well.

 Disc on people!