Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Guess I should update this thing eh?

 So I have been playing a lot more lately. I am on the ADGA board as marketing director. which is kinda funny, but I do take it somewhat seriously as I love our course at Veterans Park, since it is the course I started playing at around 1989, and want to see our club continue to grow and the course be maintained and be made as awesome as possible . Dynamic discs had it's big event at nearby Texas Stadium ( or whatever the hell they call it these days ) and I was only a little bummed I missed it till I got  to see all my disc golf buddies Facebook picture posts about it for 5 days straight now. bleh.

 We have the Ticket hosting a charity event this weekend which our former club president wil be running, so that is kinda cool. They will be broadcasting live from the park.

 And then next weekend we have our annual Fahrenheit Fling tournament  which will be run primarily by Dynamic Discs for the first time this year.  Should be interesting to see the outcome of that.  

 Here is kinda what I came up with for a club "card" that we can hand out that will also have our mini times and days printed on the back and an incentive offer for newer players to come join the ADGA.

 I would also like for us to have a sign at the pad for 1 that says something like " This course maintained by the Arlington Disc Golf Association". And I want to see if we can do something on one of the holes like a big "ADGA" carved into the grass.

 Anyway. I'll probably have to cool my jets a bit as it is just getting too hot for some of the big,wide open courses we have in Texas, or maybe I am just getting old or being a wuss, but when it is not fun because of the heat, well then it is not fun :(

 I probably won't get to play the Fling this year, but a local ace race should be coming up soon, and then we have the VPO coming up at the end of October.

 It will be here before you know it. Peace out and fly far and true!