Thursday, September 12, 2013

Gremlin juice and the Ace Race

 First off, if any of you Vape... go try some Gremlin Juice

 Rich has THE best customer service and the juice is amazing!!

 check it ,Yo!

OK. Played the Ace Race a few weeks ago at veterans in Arlington. it was sponsored by Will at NORML again this year, but might take place somewhere else next year.
 I had a blast again this year. good friends,good times.
 The Ace Race is not a typical tournament. well, not for me anyways. it is more of a fun event than an actual competition.
 This years discs from Discraft were drivers and IMO better than last years discs.

 Other than that I haven't been playing much lately due to the Hot Texas heat and me being unemployed. At the very least it takes gas money to go play disc golf.
 But hopefully I'll get a job soon and with the weather starting to drop a few degrees I'll be back out playing more.

 The Fahrenheit Fling is coming up and then the VPO at Veterans as well.

Peace out and happy discing!