Friday, June 7, 2013


haha. So I started to get involved with another group of disc golfers through Meetup. So Far I went to 2 events. 1 at Veterans and 1 at Fritz.

 had a blast both times but I gotta say it's kinda amusing to me when these people are struggling with issues that other groups like Funkeytown and the ADGA have faced for many more years, but they don't seem to want to be a part of any of those groups.

 Which a part of me understands. They are newer players.

 I'll keep trying to go their events around the DFW area and I wish them well, but I'll probably put preference to the ADGA events.

 it's almost like they have a chip on their shoulders about better players. but whatever. there are some good people there and they are just trying to have fun and get more people involved with disc golf. So it is all good.

 Anyway. I had a blast playing last Wednesday nights mini with Felix and then hanging out afterwords with a few core players, which is something I don't do too often if at all.

 I wish I could have played doubles today to support the Claydog Memorial coming up this Sunday, but I just don't have the $ for it, or to play in the tournament Sunday.
 But I will be joining my good friend Scott at Cedar hill for a round and the weather should be good soooooo......

 disc on people!!

 oh.. and here is a goofy picture :)