Thursday, May 9, 2013

weird past 2 minis

The cards I was on the last 2 minis seemed to have more lost discs than the last year of playing. it was crazy.
 and then I was reminded of this product on the site.

Anyone try on of these?  my biggest concerns are the cost, since you have to set these up 72 hours in advance. You can't just be at the course and decide to slap one on a disc in a situation were you might lose a disc. So you would have to pick a disc or two or three  for different shots that you designate for these things.

 Another concern is the weight. adding 6 grams to some of my existing discs is a pretty big deal to me.

 I really wish someone would come out with a $5 GPS "sticker" that I could put on a disc at the course, during a round, not worry about it coming off, and be able to locate that disc using an app on my phone if lost.

 come on 'Murica!!  make this happen!

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