Thursday, April 18, 2013

Also, I would love to try one of the new Shark3 and Blizzard Vulcans

just sayin' :0

Putting contest and ring of fire this Saturday at the 420 celebration!

 Hi to the few of you that read this.
 It's been a weird past few months but things are looking good.

 I've been out playing the Sunday Mini at Veterans a bit more now that the weather is getting nice and I've been having a blast playing on different cards with my ADGA friends and getting to know some of the newer people.

 I frakin love disc golf!!

 I started a new job with a place called 'Feed Your Head' with is a hippy lifestyle accessories store ( or as some might say.. a pipe shop. But they started carrying discs and other disc golf stuff and needed someone to help promote it and that person is me!

 So we are having a big 420 celebration this Saturday with live bands and all sorts of stuff all day and I will be running a free putting contest from 1-6 pm with a ring of fire afterwards . Some decent prizes including a $50 gift certificate and I have fliers at our three closest courses so I'm hoping we get a good turnout of  actual disc golfers and not just people there for the celebration.

 And of course I will be at our Sunday Mini on Sunday :)

 Peace out and see you at the course!