Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ice Bowl time!

My fist  tournament of the season is coming up this Saturday. the Ice Bowl in Granbury. The Ice Bowls are traditionally held across the country as a fundraiser for charity.I'll be bringing some caned food for donation as well as a few discs to donate.
 I went out and played the Granbury course for the first time yesterday after having played Veterans the day before. I am sore! hehe. Just a little out of shape from not playing much lately.
 I met with Matt, who is running the tourney, and my doubles partner Sean. It is going to be 3 rounds of doubles and I always seem to have good luck playing doubles so I am really looking forward to it.

 Charity events like this always tend to have a bit more of a "fun factor"  then other tournaments, and I really like the course out there. It is mostly big wide open shots with few trees so it plays to my style very well.
 I'll have to get up pretty early  to get out there early enough to warm up a bit and it's an hour drive so no drinking on Friday night!  haha.
 Hopefully I'll have some pictures , wish me luck!

                       here is a picture of  me at a wedding reception in Puerto Rico. weeeee!!!!