Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fun times at the Ace Race

 Well, I had a blast at the Ace Race at Veterans last Saturday. It was sponsored by the DFW NORML group and Will did a great job of running the show. Saw a few familiar faces and got in a group of about 10 with a few people I knew.  They had food and drinks and after the first round the keg showed up. I didn't hit any aces but the layout was pretty cool and I got close a few times. No one else in our group did but we did have a few guys hit chains a few times.

 By the second round everyone was a bit more "relaxed"  and the trash talk started. I think we must have busted out laughing with every shot. I can't say Ive had that much fun playing disc golf in a long time.
 I chose to wear my Vibram 5 fingers, which I haven't worn in some time and by the end of the second round my ankle was killing me. It wasn't the shoes fault, they worked great and I'll wear them to play disc golf some more soon, it's just my messed up ankle and lack of exercise.
 within an hour of getting home I could hardly walk. Probably didn't help that I spent the previous evening banging my head for a few hours :)
 As far as the 2 Discraft Ace Race disc's, I wasn't too impressed and neither was anyone else in our group.  I'd rather throw a Buzz or a Wasp in most of those short pin placements.
All in all I will definitely sign up for next years Ace Race again.

here is a picture from one of the pads at 2 gray hairs from about 3-4 years ago. Yes, the fence line is OB.

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