Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Not really golf related, but important to me...

 I must apologize beforehand, which some of you might say " well, if you know what you are about to say is unacceptable, then don't say it".
 Well, this does not work that way.

 First off, I played Disc Golf last Sunday at the Mini at Veterans. Good turnout, 39 people.
 I was in advanced and on the same card as Jimmy and Shawn. Two players I consider friends and respect their game. So it was a good card and I started out good. Outdriving for the first three holes and making my easy putts , but no birdies.
 Then, since we started on  #8, we quickly were out under the sun for some long drive holes.
 I think I was done right away.
 It was just too hot already that early and even though I was hydrating pretty good, by 9 holes into our 18 hole round I was already exhausted. By the time we finished I had to sit down and just breather for a bit.
 Anyway.. I actually didn't play too bad all things considered, and Shawn and Jimmy were both within 4 strokes of my score.  But other than the Ace race coming up the Day after Iron Maiden  here in August, I am done playing disc golf in this Texas heat.
 I just can't do it anymore.


 look, it's 2012.

 Bigotry, racism, women-hating,homophobia, went out a few years ago at least. ( yeah.. I know.. Lot's of it still around unfortunately)
 but listen, America is changing. if you refuse to adapt and wake up and open your eyes and stop being a fucking idiot hiding behind a religion you really know nothing about, then you are soon to be a minority.
 get used to it!

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