Monday, July 16, 2012

No disc golf

Ack. So we tried to find the mystery disc golf course in Puerto Rico but no such luck.
 The schedule of events for the Resort did  however have something on the schedule on afternoon called "frisbee golf"  , so we decided to check it out.
 It was 5 'hoops' on the ground in a small grassy area with 5 lame cheap plastic frisbees .
 We would have had better luck throwing coconuts at those hoops.
 But I did throw my putter at one, so I guess I can say I have played disc golf in Puerto Rico,hahaha.

 And of course my sinus infection returned within days of coming back so I couldn't go play this weekend. Maybe next weekend.
 The Worlds will be viewable on  throughout this week so maybe I'll watch that coverage on Saturday.

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