Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Not really golf related, but important to me...

 I must apologize beforehand, which some of you might say " well, if you know what you are about to say is unacceptable, then don't say it".
 Well, this does not work that way.

 First off, I played Disc Golf last Sunday at the Mini at Veterans. Good turnout, 39 people.
 I was in advanced and on the same card as Jimmy and Shawn. Two players I consider friends and respect their game. So it was a good card and I started out good. Outdriving for the first three holes and making my easy putts , but no birdies.
 Then, since we started on  #8, we quickly were out under the sun for some long drive holes.
 I think I was done right away.
 It was just too hot already that early and even though I was hydrating pretty good, by 9 holes into our 18 hole round I was already exhausted. By the time we finished I had to sit down and just breather for a bit.
 Anyway.. I actually didn't play too bad all things considered, and Shawn and Jimmy were both within 4 strokes of my score.  But other than the Ace race coming up the Day after Iron Maiden  here in August, I am done playing disc golf in this Texas heat.
 I just can't do it anymore.


 look, it's 2012.

 Bigotry, racism, women-hating,homophobia, went out a few years ago at least. ( yeah.. I know.. Lot's of it still around unfortunately)
 but listen, America is changing. if you refuse to adapt and wake up and open your eyes and stop being a fucking idiot hiding behind a religion you really know nothing about, then you are soon to be a minority.
 get used to it!

Monday, July 16, 2012

No disc golf

Ack. So we tried to find the mystery disc golf course in Puerto Rico but no such luck.
 The schedule of events for the Resort did  however have something on the schedule on afternoon called "frisbee golf"  , so we decided to check it out.
 It was 5 'hoops' on the ground in a small grassy area with 5 lame cheap plastic frisbees .
 We would have had better luck throwing coconuts at those hoops.
 But I did throw my putter at one, so I guess I can say I have played disc golf in Puerto Rico,hahaha.

 And of course my sinus infection returned within days of coming back so I couldn't go play this weekend. Maybe next weekend.
 The Worlds will be viewable on  throughout this week so maybe I'll watch that coverage on Saturday.