Wednesday, May 30, 2012

HHmmm..... 40 out of 51 INT players?!?!

 OK. So I played terrible. I can blame it on lack of practice.
 I actually didn't do too bad at the start of each day, and the second round at a course I never played before really hurt but that's to be expected when half the other players had a chance to play the new course the day before.

 lesson learned.

  if I had played Rec division I would have finished 7'th out of  maybe 12-15 players?   So.. should I have been playing rec?

 No. I play for both the competition and the fun. If I had been practicing and playing more recently I'm confident I could have finished in the top 10 at least.
 I put on my afro wig for the entire second round and did have a good time.

 anyways... I had a blast, got some cool swag, and it's always good to see my disc golf friends and meet new peeps  as well.  I got a few laughs for wearing the afro wig so that was kinda fun. It was HOT though!

 My PDGA membership is updated and I'm looking forward to making some more mini's soon as well as a few more tournaments when the heat really comes on this summer!  haha.

 I go to Puerto Rico in early July for a friends wedding but I'm going to try and play a private course there I heard about.

 If I don't post much I apologize. Work is insane and our new website just went live, which I wrote al the content for and manage as well.

 go check us out at

 I'm pretty proud of the work I have done , not only on the website but on our PPC campaigns and the SEO and SEM side of things.  We are ranking way higher today than we did when I started 2 years ago and a lot of learning and hard work went into this.

 and if you are bored.. go check out my playlist on the DGRUS site at

 I have some pretty decent tunes that I tried to make disc golf related.

 peace out !

Monday, May 14, 2012

Cedar Hill DD Tournament May 26,27 !!!!!

 I feel kinda bad that I haven't re-upped my PDGA membership so far this year, but I will do so ASAP. I did sign up for this tournament though.
 I haven't done too well at Cedar hill in past tournaments, but I'm hoping with the addition of a chance to play 36 holes at the new Mount Lebanon camp course that I can do better if my health issues stay underground.
 I'm also glad I signed up because this will force me to practice more and hopefully make a few area mini's before then to get me back in shape.
 These 2 day tournaments are just rough on me  health wise.

 Maybe it will keep me from playing too much Diablo III, which I am picking up tonight at midnight to play, also.hahahaha!

 Anyway. pretty excited to play the new 36 holes out there and see some friends and compete again.
 Dynamic discs always puts on a great tournament so I'm sure I'll have fun no matter what.
 see you at the course!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Frisco course

 OK. We only played it once but it is a very short, technical course.  it's a "feel good" course. first time I shot 4 under, but I can see how it could easily be a 10 under course with few more rounds.
 I lost my epic on hole 11, because there is a murky creek righ behind the basket and it is one of the longer holes at 260 ft? or so.  most holes are 150-200 ft. I think hole 18 was the longest at 260.
 nice t-pads and signs and easy to navigate quickly. Next time I play there I will definatley want to play 2 rounds.
 and some dude already called about my lost disc. how cool is that?!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Frisco new course

 I'll be heading out tomorrow morning to play Frisco's new course. So far the reviews say " just bring your putter
, so we will see if it's another "mckinney" course or not.
 I always love playing a new course though.
 I'll update this after we play.
 Gonna go to the FC Dallas game afterwards too :)