Monday, April 2, 2012

The Sunday Mini.

I showed up early and no one was there so I texted Greg and he said it was certainly on, so no April fools joke. I warmed up and practiced putting a bit and threw some drives. greg was sick so Mickey showed up and ran the event. A pretty decent turn out, maybe 30-35 people showed up. I got grouped with some people I haven't played with before..which can be fun sometimes. It's pretty rare to run into a complete asshole, but it does happen. These guys were cool and we tee'd off on hole #5.
I started off with a few pars and made a few decent putts and then we got to hole 8 and I made a long putt for birdie. I managed a few more long putts to hold pars and after 12 holes I was at 1 under par. I think that's when I lost focus and started thinking about it too much and started playing against my fellow players rather than just focus on each hole. in 3 holes I went up to 6 over and finished up the round at 7 over :(
Didn't place at all and was kinda bummed. but I had fun and at least I realized where I went wrong and what to try and do differently next time.
Threw some of my new Blizzard plastic and still not sure how I feel about it. I need to throw some casual rounds with them some more.
And as usual... my ankle was killing me the rest of the day.
Oh.. and it was HOT
!! this summer is going to be brutal!

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