Wednesday, November 14, 2012

an update..

 Well the VPO was awesome. I had a blast volunteering to spot on 5 on day 1 and helping to spot on champion 8 on day 2 with some other awesome volunteers. I got a little cut up retrieving some discs for the ladies, but .. ya know ;)
 Overall it was great getting to see some of the top pro disc golfers in action again right in front of me.

 On the job front... not much happening. I've been playing a lot of Guild Wars 2 , which is fun .

 We have a house guest coming to stay this saturday for 2 weeks so I guess I'll be doing a lot more job searching and trying to get out of the house and play some more disc golf if the weather permits.
 I'm socially awkward around family members I don't really know  :(

 Oh well. If I don't check back before then, have a safe and happy day of stuffing your face and observing bullshit religion on turkey day :)

 Here is a picture of a dog.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Kinda cool.. OK, very cool!!!!

 Feldberg and Leviska are doing a free clinic tomorrow for the kickoff of the VPO. I know we have had some of the "big names" in disc golf come to the VPO over the years  but I'll admit I am a little giddy at having a free disc golf clinic with these two.
 I'm hoping I can go out and volunteer as a spotter for Saturday at least because it makes me feel good to be part of the club and do my part to make other players experience a little better.

 I missed out on the Am part of the VPO again this year, which really sucks. But hey.. I'm unemployed and ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

 I'm hoping to get Feldberg to sign a disc or two :)

 Now... if the weather will hold out for us it should be a great weekend!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

sorry I havent posted much lately.

 I am happily unemployed and playing more disc golf. but also selling some of my discs to make ends meet.
 kinda sucks but I have always looked at discs like that. over the years they have come and gone so no sense being upset about having to sell a few here and there.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fun times at the Ace Race

 Well, I had a blast at the Ace Race at Veterans last Saturday. It was sponsored by the DFW NORML group and Will did a great job of running the show. Saw a few familiar faces and got in a group of about 10 with a few people I knew.  They had food and drinks and after the first round the keg showed up. I didn't hit any aces but the layout was pretty cool and I got close a few times. No one else in our group did but we did have a few guys hit chains a few times.

 By the second round everyone was a bit more "relaxed"  and the trash talk started. I think we must have busted out laughing with every shot. I can't say Ive had that much fun playing disc golf in a long time.
 I chose to wear my Vibram 5 fingers, which I haven't worn in some time and by the end of the second round my ankle was killing me. It wasn't the shoes fault, they worked great and I'll wear them to play disc golf some more soon, it's just my messed up ankle and lack of exercise.
 within an hour of getting home I could hardly walk. Probably didn't help that I spent the previous evening banging my head for a few hours :)
 As far as the 2 Discraft Ace Race disc's, I wasn't too impressed and neither was anyone else in our group.  I'd rather throw a Buzz or a Wasp in most of those short pin placements.
All in all I will definitely sign up for next years Ace Race again.

here is a picture from one of the pads at 2 gray hairs from about 3-4 years ago. Yes, the fence line is OB.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Well, Iron Maiden was awesome last night. I'm not sure if that is the third or fourth time I have seen them, but they rocked as hard as ever and played a lot of the classic Maiden stuff. I cut loose and got funky. The lightning in the background only made it more amazing. I remember sitting down next to this group of people and talking to them about how good the weed they were smoking smelled and they offered me a hit and I declined . I think I kinda freaked them out.
 At least I woke up in time today. About to head out to the Ace race at veterans. Hopefully it won't rain but I'm sure we will have fun regardless. it wouldn't be the first tournament I have played in interrupted by rain if it does.
 I might head over to Anne's after the tournament, since I know she is going stir crazy :) Hi Anne .
 Tomorrow I need to do laundry and mow the lawn. yay.

 Well, wish me luck today. let's go throw some discs!!!!
(me backstage with Dave from iron Maiden from about 11 years ago )

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ace Race Time!!!

 Going to the Iron Maiden concert this Friday, Then my first Ace Race on Saturday.
 I'm pretty excited about both.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Not really golf related, but important to me...

 I must apologize beforehand, which some of you might say " well, if you know what you are about to say is unacceptable, then don't say it".
 Well, this does not work that way.

 First off, I played Disc Golf last Sunday at the Mini at Veterans. Good turnout, 39 people.
 I was in advanced and on the same card as Jimmy and Shawn. Two players I consider friends and respect their game. So it was a good card and I started out good. Outdriving for the first three holes and making my easy putts , but no birdies.
 Then, since we started on  #8, we quickly were out under the sun for some long drive holes.
 I think I was done right away.
 It was just too hot already that early and even though I was hydrating pretty good, by 9 holes into our 18 hole round I was already exhausted. By the time we finished I had to sit down and just breather for a bit.
 Anyway.. I actually didn't play too bad all things considered, and Shawn and Jimmy were both within 4 strokes of my score.  But other than the Ace race coming up the Day after Iron Maiden  here in August, I am done playing disc golf in this Texas heat.
 I just can't do it anymore.


 look, it's 2012.

 Bigotry, racism, women-hating,homophobia, went out a few years ago at least. ( yeah.. I know.. Lot's of it still around unfortunately)
 but listen, America is changing. if you refuse to adapt and wake up and open your eyes and stop being a fucking idiot hiding behind a religion you really know nothing about, then you are soon to be a minority.
 get used to it!

Monday, July 16, 2012

No disc golf

Ack. So we tried to find the mystery disc golf course in Puerto Rico but no such luck.
 The schedule of events for the Resort did  however have something on the schedule on afternoon called "frisbee golf"  , so we decided to check it out.
 It was 5 'hoops' on the ground in a small grassy area with 5 lame cheap plastic frisbees .
 We would have had better luck throwing coconuts at those hoops.
 But I did throw my putter at one, so I guess I can say I have played disc golf in Puerto Rico,hahaha.

 And of course my sinus infection returned within days of coming back so I couldn't go play this weekend. Maybe next weekend.
 The Worlds will be viewable on  throughout this week so maybe I'll watch that coverage on Saturday.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Puerto Rico, coming soon!!

 I checked and they do seem to have a private disc golf course, but I have not been able to get any responses from people who have posted about it online to get any more information. I guess I'll just bring a few discs and hope I can find it.

 Signed up for the  Discraft Ace race at Veterans in August. It's sponsored by the good people at NORML so it should be lot's of fun.. if not Hotter than hell in the middle of August!!

 I think the Fling is also in August if I'm not mistaken, and then the VPO in October.  Why do we have disc golf tournaments in Texas in August again?!?!  Weeee!!!

Well, Puerto Rico in 17 days... I can not freaking wait!   My first real Vacation in years.

here is a pic of me Throwing some discs in front of  a ton of Cub scouts for a demo Mickey got involved with that was a ton of fun, along with some other disc golfers as well. I'm pretty sure we all felt like rock stars as they watched us throw and ooohhh'd and aaahhhh'd .

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

HHmmm..... 40 out of 51 INT players?!?!

 OK. So I played terrible. I can blame it on lack of practice.
 I actually didn't do too bad at the start of each day, and the second round at a course I never played before really hurt but that's to be expected when half the other players had a chance to play the new course the day before.

 lesson learned.

  if I had played Rec division I would have finished 7'th out of  maybe 12-15 players?   So.. should I have been playing rec?

 No. I play for both the competition and the fun. If I had been practicing and playing more recently I'm confident I could have finished in the top 10 at least.
 I put on my afro wig for the entire second round and did have a good time.

 anyways... I had a blast, got some cool swag, and it's always good to see my disc golf friends and meet new peeps  as well.  I got a few laughs for wearing the afro wig so that was kinda fun. It was HOT though!

 My PDGA membership is updated and I'm looking forward to making some more mini's soon as well as a few more tournaments when the heat really comes on this summer!  haha.

 I go to Puerto Rico in early July for a friends wedding but I'm going to try and play a private course there I heard about.

 If I don't post much I apologize. Work is insane and our new website just went live, which I wrote al the content for and manage as well.

 go check us out at

 I'm pretty proud of the work I have done , not only on the website but on our PPC campaigns and the SEO and SEM side of things.  We are ranking way higher today than we did when I started 2 years ago and a lot of learning and hard work went into this.

 and if you are bored.. go check out my playlist on the DGRUS site at

 I have some pretty decent tunes that I tried to make disc golf related.

 peace out !

Monday, May 14, 2012

Cedar Hill DD Tournament May 26,27 !!!!!

 I feel kinda bad that I haven't re-upped my PDGA membership so far this year, but I will do so ASAP. I did sign up for this tournament though.
 I haven't done too well at Cedar hill in past tournaments, but I'm hoping with the addition of a chance to play 36 holes at the new Mount Lebanon camp course that I can do better if my health issues stay underground.
 I'm also glad I signed up because this will force me to practice more and hopefully make a few area mini's before then to get me back in shape.
 These 2 day tournaments are just rough on me  health wise.

 Maybe it will keep me from playing too much Diablo III, which I am picking up tonight at midnight to play, also.hahahaha!

 Anyway. pretty excited to play the new 36 holes out there and see some friends and compete again.
 Dynamic discs always puts on a great tournament so I'm sure I'll have fun no matter what.
 see you at the course!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Frisco course

 OK. We only played it once but it is a very short, technical course.  it's a "feel good" course. first time I shot 4 under, but I can see how it could easily be a 10 under course with few more rounds.
 I lost my epic on hole 11, because there is a murky creek righ behind the basket and it is one of the longer holes at 260 ft? or so.  most holes are 150-200 ft. I think hole 18 was the longest at 260.
 nice t-pads and signs and easy to navigate quickly. Next time I play there I will definatley want to play 2 rounds.
 and some dude already called about my lost disc. how cool is that?!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Frisco new course

 I'll be heading out tomorrow morning to play Frisco's new course. So far the reviews say " just bring your putter
, so we will see if it's another "mckinney" course or not.
 I always love playing a new course though.
 I'll update this after we play.
 Gonna go to the FC Dallas game afterwards too :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

5 over today . bleh.

But better than the 8 over I shot last Sunday. I played with our local newcomer "Karen" whom me and John nicknamed 'nature girl' because she stopped to look at this cluster of bee's for awhile and seemed like she forgot she was playing disc golf. I always have fun with John on my card though. He was having a great round till the last few holes bumped him to 1 over. Not bad though. I made a few birdies, on hole 4 and 5, but too many bogeys.  My putting was pretty good, I just didnt give myself enough chances to save par. Hopefully my score will keep getting better this summer .
 We got rained on for 2 holes also, but it was still fun. I leave you with this cute picture :)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

New Course in Frisco grand opening today.

I heard it's a rather short, family-friendly course. But any 18 hole disc course is good IMO.
Hopefully I'll be headed out there tomorrow to meet up with Jack and Jace to check it out. I love playing new courses.,April7.aspx

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Sunday Mini.

I showed up early and no one was there so I texted Greg and he said it was certainly on, so no April fools joke. I warmed up and practiced putting a bit and threw some drives. greg was sick so Mickey showed up and ran the event. A pretty decent turn out, maybe 30-35 people showed up. I got grouped with some people I haven't played with before..which can be fun sometimes. It's pretty rare to run into a complete asshole, but it does happen. These guys were cool and we tee'd off on hole #5.
I started off with a few pars and made a few decent putts and then we got to hole 8 and I made a long putt for birdie. I managed a few more long putts to hold pars and after 12 holes I was at 1 under par. I think that's when I lost focus and started thinking about it too much and started playing against my fellow players rather than just focus on each hole. in 3 holes I went up to 6 over and finished up the round at 7 over :(
Didn't place at all and was kinda bummed. but I had fun and at least I realized where I went wrong and what to try and do differently next time.
Threw some of my new Blizzard plastic and still not sure how I feel about it. I need to throw some casual rounds with them some more.
And as usual... my ankle was killing me the rest of the day.
Oh.. and it was HOT
!! this summer is going to be brutal!

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Back on FB. blah.blah.
I really miss playing some disc and I hope after this weekend I will get a chance to play more. I think I'm going to designate a day to go play at lunch each week since I am right around the corner from VP.
A side note.. listening to songs that remind you of your X-fiancees is no way to go through life son!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Got in the EU beta for Tera.

I'm excited. waiting a few minutes on a patch but then I am off and running. I'll post some pics later.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tera and the Innova Blizzard.

OK. signed up for the pre-order for the online game " TERA ". I cancelled my WoW account and everything. this game is going to be the shit!!
Also I had a chance to throw my Innova Blizzard line Destroyer and Boss a few times and I must say I am very impressed. IMO this is a game changer for a lot of players.
I can't wait to try out a few more discs and weights in the Blizzard line.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Blizzard has arrived!!

I'm sure all you disc golfers already know, but Innova's new line of Champion Blizzard disc's are out.

They use a plastic that has bubbles infused in the plastic so the weight is dramatically lowered.
I just picked up a Destroyer at 150 grams since I throw a lot of star destroyers regularly. I'll see how it handles before I pick up a Boss or a T-devil. weights of 139 kinda scare me... sounds ultra flippy to me but we shall see.
I can't wait to get out and try the destroyer possibly this weekend.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

alright.. for those that do not know.. I'm a huge computer geek.

I know there are a few new discs out that I want to try out soon. My first priority is building a new computer.
I have been planning it out for months now. I got an awesome deal on a hard drive right before the floods in Taiwan that saved me almost $ 100, and just found a Corsair 600t White edition case off a guy on Craigs list for $115, it's normally a $ 160-180 case.
So I have done good so far.
now just planning the final components like power supply, memory, motherboard, etc.
I can't wait to get this build started.
here is a pic of the 600t case with a water cooled build.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

missed the ice bowl.

but I did play the weekend before, and won my first CTP at Veterans. it was sweet.
played at Cedar Hill last weekend with Kevin and had fun. It's been a few since I have played out there.
my putting still needs work but I think I am slowly starting to get back into a groove so hopefully as the weather get's better I can start to play some more mini's and support the ADGA as well as renew my PDGA membership again and play some tournaments this year.
Hopefully I'll do better than I did last year!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

finally played a round yesterday.

It was a beautiful day and work told me to go home so I ran some errands and played a round at Veterans. Other than not finding a new basket placement on hole 6 I threw a pretty good game for someone who hasn't thrown a disc in a few months.
Since work is kicking me out early today also and it looks nicer today than yesterday I think I'll go play another round today! weeee!!