Monday, November 14, 2011

just another day.

First off. the disc golf cummunity in DFW is awesome. I have to say that because people in the ADGA are like a family to me. some really great , caring people.
 So I go to my appt this morning that was set up by the people at Parkland, and they never actually "set" the appointment. so I miss time at work and drove all the way out there for nothing! argh! And they cant re schedule me till the 28'th.  for the math impaired.. thats 14 days!!  I've been off my meds for almost a month already.
 So I broke down and am going to pay $ 100 just to get a $ 5 prescription refilled. blah!
 oh.. and have I mentioned I work with some real assholes?!  Gary is lucky he is an old friend or I swear I would be talking to a lawyer about suing this place.
 gonna try and make a meeting tonight. too bad our office manager had to go early and is off tomorrow. today would have been a great day to hit the park.
 Hopefully I'll find some time to get out and play again soon.

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