Friday, April 15, 2011

this weekend

well.. I have a new disc ( the ape) that I only threw a few times last weekend to still work on, and I changed some discs in my bag so some more experimenting to do.
 but I have some health issues including an ear infection so I'm not sure if I'll play the sunday mini or not.
 I may head out to Vet tomorrow after mowing the lawn and see whats up.
 It's been freaking crazy windy around here in DFW also.  the awning was blown off our building today at max mechanical so.... yeah.. it's been windy as *&%!!

 all I know is I need to practice and possibly change my putting style  completely.
 which would be a daunting thought had I not already switched to a straddle putt a few years ago.

 everything I have ever read tells me to choose whatever putting style works for me and that is comfortable.
 but what if I'm not comfortable with the two most basic putting styles there are?

 guess it's time to buy another practice basket .

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