Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rockwall results. ugh...

well, I finished tied for 25'th  out of 33 rec field players.
 pretty crappy.
 not sure what was wrong. I was playing angry maybe. even though I had fun and it was great to see some friends that I really only see at Mini's or tournaments. disc golf truly is a community.
 on the up-side... I went out friday and played doubles with Duane and we got second place. only missing tieing for first by 1 stroke. so we got a little plastic for that effort.
 I got a cool titledisc shirt as well.
 I may have an ear infection , so maybe that factored in?  I don't know.  I just played terrible.
 and this one guy who was on my first 2 cards was really annoying.
 I just couldnt seem to focus at all.
 Sunday wasn't much better, but at least I had fun and had 2 cool guys Ive played with before on my card.
 I'm gonna play the mini @ Vet this sunday and see if it was an anomaly or has my ability just gone out the window completely?

 ooh.. and Avery and Val and Nate backed out of the tournament at the last second ( top pro players)
 also thanks to Josh and Diedre and the volunteers. Titledisc always does a great job with the tournaments. regardless of my finish... I'll keep coming back as long as I'm having fun.

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