Thursday, March 17, 2011

well now.

my efforts have paid off a little bit. have a few followers.
 but the odds ar that no one is still reading this, so I feel pretty good about saying whatever I need to.
 which doesent really add any excitment.  bleh.
 so I played at Vet yesterday with a friend from work who had never played  disc golf before.
 it was slightly crowded but we had fun and I did my whole " master teaching you how" thing.
 which is pretty true.. I mean, it's an easy sport but takes some guidance to get started the right way.
 stil;l psyched about rockwall.
 hopefully I'll have a few more chances to go play rockwall and the auduban course before the toournament.
 FC dallas season opener this weekend so another drive out to Celina to stay the night so I dont have to drive. I'm going to cook a chicken and potato hash that is really good and I know it will be fun.

 but inside I'll be thinking about practicing for rockwall  :)

 thanks again to my friends who are following me.. I appreciate it and I hope this doesn't bore you to death if you read it.

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  1. Good Luck, and mind the ankle. I feel all modern and stuff..Thanks fo getting me on my first blog.