Monday, March 14, 2011

it's crazy carl!! and A-tier tournament coming up....

 so I think since my rating has dropped down so much that I am going to eneter the A-tier.. that's right.. it's an A-tier!!!  ( my first A-tier) tournament in Rockwall and Audubon ( first tourney they have ever had in Garland me thinks) as a rec instead of int.
 I kinda feel like I might be bagging a bit, but from where I have place out there last few years and the way Ive been playing lately, I don't think I really am.

 now if I go out and end up winning an A-tier in Rec by 20+ strokes....then yeah. I'll feel bad and probably ask Jodh to bump me or forfiet or something.

 but if I win by a few, or even if I don't, which is a  possibility the way I've been putting lately, then .. there ya go.

 oh.. and although I started this to be somewhat anon to talk about stuff without fear of repraisal.. I have decided to try and get more followers.

 it just feels different even though I've told a very small group already, to know at least someone is reading my crap.  and it actually motivates me to be more creative.

 so hi to anyone I've invited from facebook.

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