Tuesday, March 15, 2011

HOly poop!!!!!!

 I just signed up for the Rockwall tournament and already Nate Doss and both Avery and Valerie Jenkins are signed up.
 good thing they don't play Rec division,haha.
 already 8 players in rec and the way I have been playing it's gonna be a tough field , especially since I havent played Auduban in years and even playing Rockwall the other day I was reminded of how tough a course that is.

 will I be ready?   I hope so.  I'd love to start the season for me out with a win or at least a top 3 place especially with the quality of pro's that are going to be there.

 why am I giddy with excitement. I spotted at the VPO last year and saw Avery and Nikko and Emac and a ton of other amazing players play through and even gave a ruling on Avery's shot?


my first A-tier tournament!!!!  gazoongas!!!!

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