Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New course in Allen

9 hole at some park. not sure when it was put in.
I went to a party with some friends on Sat. night, we ended up at some Bavarian bar with a band and lots of German beers. wwhhheeeee!!
so I stayed the night and Sunday morning we headed out to McKinney to play a round and low and behold Dynamic Discs was having a tournament at both courses!! ggrr.. they were just out at Cedar Hill on Saturday. oh well. I talked to Rusco for a few and he gave me a new DD sticker for my car .
we looked up the closest course and found the new one in Allen so off we went.
It was pretty windy and a wide open course on the front with a couple of connected large ponds in the middle that came into play .
not sure how but I pulled something in my arm. I hate that. didn't even notice it hurt till I got home and it really hurts today so I guess I'm glad we only played 9 holes.
I lost a disc to one of the ponds, but it was an 'X' out excal so no biggie.

now to wait and see how long til my arm heals :(

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