Monday, January 31, 2011

the report

doc said my gall bladder was fine and that I probably had a "fatty liver" which means I need to watch my diet, which I have been for the last few months. lots of fruit and vegetables and no fatty foods. no problem.
she is going to run a few more tests though just to be sure.
I played disc after the appointment Friday which was cool because it was like 70 degrees out and also because I got to play with some of my disc golf buddies and my friend Jack.
played like crap because I felt rushed and then it got dark and I bailed on the last 2 holes since I didn't have my glasses and couldn't see shit.

but then it was nice again Saturday and since I couldn't make the funeral I at least made it out to play another round at Vet. I saw Rusty and started a round with him and then Marshal showed up.
you never know who your going to run into at Veterans park.

of course my ankle swelled up and started killing me when I got home. my dad had just broken the shower head ion my bathroom so I couldn't take a bath.
it was still a good day.
at least I'm not in Egypt right about now.

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