Monday, January 31, 2011

the report

doc said my gall bladder was fine and that I probably had a "fatty liver" which means I need to watch my diet, which I have been for the last few months. lots of fruit and vegetables and no fatty foods. no problem.
she is going to run a few more tests though just to be sure.
I played disc after the appointment Friday which was cool because it was like 70 degrees out and also because I got to play with some of my disc golf buddies and my friend Jack.
played like crap because I felt rushed and then it got dark and I bailed on the last 2 holes since I didn't have my glasses and couldn't see shit.

but then it was nice again Saturday and since I couldn't make the funeral I at least made it out to play another round at Vet. I saw Rusty and started a round with him and then Marshal showed up.
you never know who your going to run into at Veterans park.

of course my ankle swelled up and started killing me when I got home. my dad had just broken the shower head ion my bathroom so I couldn't take a bath.
it was still a good day.
at least I'm not in Egypt right about now.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


another local disc golfer died yesterday. blood clot got loose and went to his heart killing him instantly.
sucks. he was a cool dude.

Monday, January 17, 2011


the new funkytown site:

I am sick today. bleh

Monday, January 10, 2011

a sad spark...

I had one of those moments today. I was laughing at something in 7-11 when this cute girl peeked around the corner and asked me what I was laughing at. I think time froze for at least a few moments. I'm not sure if it was a spark when our eyes met or just a memory of someone I knew long ago, but she was beautiful. and probably way too young for me. I wont' go on with our conversation but it was the typical flirtation that occurs when two people have the same moment and are both flustered or nervous.
I haven't been able to stop thinking about here for the last few hours. unfortunately I came to the conclusion that even if she was over 21 she was definitely under 25, which is too young for me.

so I am sad.
those moments don't come often and haven't for me in a long time.
Maybe I should say screw it and go ask her out and see what happens? but my crystal ball keeps replaying the same scenario and it ends with my heart broken.
which would be better? being sad for awhile wondering? or maybe having a little fun before being crushed to death?

oh well.

maybe she plays disc golf?

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year

signed up with the Funkytown Flyers ( disc golf club) and played the Hangover Classic at Veterans park Saturday the 1'st.
It was freakin' cold and I hate playing disc golf in the cold. but it was kinda fun.
my goal was to not finish last, and when they handed out bag tags in order of finish I was at least 15-20 away from last.
I realized when we started that I lost one of my favorite discs a few weeks ago when I was practicing so that kinda sucked. and my acid reflux was killing me, and I bruised a toe that really hurt. And of course by the end of the round my ankle was swollen and killing me.

I can't wait for warmer weather.