Friday, May 14, 2010

got my car back and..

tried to go play some disc golf today but I got there right as some fierce winds hit and then the rain came down.
I tried to wait it out a bit but it just kept getting worse so I finally bucked up and ran to my car.
then I was going to go see some friends tonight, but they were busy so staying home feeling sorry for myself.

Monday, May 10, 2010


happy moms day to all the moms, umm. yeah.. yesterday.

I went and saw my mom saturday afternoon and then cruised out to Frisco for the FC Dallas soccer game.

drank wwwwaaaayyyy ttooo much. thankfully I only had to cruise over a short distance after the game to stay the night with some friends.

I did something stupid in my drunken state though.
and I still feel bad about it.
but hell. thats what we do right?
it wasn't too bad. nothing life altering.

came home and recuperated Sunday and talked to mom a bit.

now my phone is turned off, which kinda sucks since I got a VM from a lady about a computer gig I should be going to today.

still recuperating today.
have to go see my PO tomorrow.

Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm out!!

of cigarettes. maybe a good day to quit?! haha.
gonna mow the lawn today. I love to mow!!!
posted my resume on craigs list last night. we'll see what happens.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

fucking fuck!!!

what the fuck is wrong with you people?!?!
I see this shit on the news about how inside edition is doing an undercover investigation on how sex offenders work at places like hotels. OMFG!?!? well were on earth do you want them to fucking work?!
some of them are people like a teenager who had his record sealed and is now an adult and now since they said his name and showed him on camera he'll probably lose his job.
I mean I understand the concept.
we dont want guys convicted of raping little children working at the local day care.
I get that. I'm down with that.

and I understand maybe a hotel isn't the best place as well. but what they dont say in their "fact spouting crap" is that out of all those hundreds of people they found working at hotels, some of them are registered sex offenders for things like public exposure. which you can actually be convicted of just for urinating behind a tree somewhere you think no one is watching.

and then what really got me is the clip of this lady who works for some child protective services place that almost had a heart attack when they told her about it.

and again, I think people who rape children deserve a special kind of punishment ( I wont say a place in hell because I dont believe in fairy tales ) , same as murderers and whatnot.. but WTF is wrong with all these people wanting to exercise their own special justice on people who just made a mistake in the past and are trying to turn their lives around ?? it's hard enough trying to get a job with ANY kind of felony conviction, let alone having a news crew come into ones place of employment and ask your manager if they knew you were a (insert any felony here ) ??

your fucked!!

so guess what a lot of them end up doing????

turning back to crime.

good fucking job lady. dont cry to me when some guy who had a decent job and was doing fine til you came along and cried foul just to make yourself feel better and then he breaks into your house at night and extracts his own brand of justice.

fuck you bitch!!

can you tell this stuff gets to me?