Thursday, April 22, 2010


unintentionally perverted kids toys
that just made my day :)
went over to moms and she is fine. something is just wrong with the phone line.
that really made my day.
but the when I got home my ignition is stuck on my car. it wouldn't turn off or let me turn the ignition backwards at all.
I called a Saturn dealership that still exists and the guy wasn't much help. so I figured out how to pull off a connector under the hood that killed the motor, which still left the ignition in the on position so the battery was still running.
So then I had to figure out a way to disconnect the battery without having it set off my car alarm.
when I disconnected the negative terminal it shut down the ignition without setting off my alarm so thats done.
but it's gonna cost $350-500 that i dont have.
I'm fucked.

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