Friday, April 16, 2010

strange dreams

Very vivid. I dont know where I was but I noticed a small bug inside my cheek and when I reached in to pull it out I noticed a hole in the inside of my cheek.then somehow a yellow ball or "egg sack" started to push out from behind the hole. it was about the size of a large gumball and really hurt as it pooped out into my mouth. I was standing at a sink and spit it into the sink. I knew it contained eggs from whatever that bug was.
there were more "egg sacks" behind that one and as they started to push out a red LED light flashed in the mirror saying "remove 40 " . I was freaking out and after 30 or so of them came out from wherever in my body they came from I could hear an echoing sound to my own thoughts. almost like there was now a hollow space somewhere in my body or brain and I wondered where they all came from. then I woke up.
my arm hurts.
I went outside for my morning smoke and as I watched the dogs roam my thoughts wandered and for some reason I thought about the trip to Austin for the BBQ with my DAOC friends and the breakfast we all had the first day.
odd where thoughts come from sometimes.
I have to hang around the house today since the plumber is finally coming to fix dads toilet.

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